Who is Shockwavez?


my name is Rico aka Shockwavez. I’m 20 years old and live in a little town near Frankfurt/Main, Germany. I was born in Cottbus, Germany on 4/12/1991 and lived about 19 years near Hanover.  At the moment I study Electrical.

I began to mix music many years ago. It all started with the DJ-software Virtual DJ and my computer mouse 😀

After a few sessions it was clear, that I need real equipment if I’m planning to play music on parties or something else. So my first console was the Hercules DJ Controller….well, it was better than using my mouse but it wasn’t the right feeling I was searching for.

But then I had to focus on school to make a good graduation from high school. After this I began going to an university. And I felt that something is missing in my life: THE MUSIC!

I selled my „old“ controller and bought the Reloop DJ Controller ME and started to make my own music with different softwares. I uploaded some of them on sites like Soundcloud.comFacebook.com or Youtube.com.

Now I’m here and writing this article about me 😀 I want people listening to my music, because I necessarily need feedback and I want people to have fun while listening to some of my remixes! 🙂

Primarily I make remixes in the „House Genre“. But I’m also mixing Dubstep or Electronic. It depends on the feelings I have while recording the tracks.

So the reason why I’m making this blog/homepage is that I want to keep you updated about my musical „career“ and want to talk with you about my remixes 🙂 I really hope you will enjoy this like I will!!!


Stay Awesome! Stay Tuned!


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